Before / After School( 5 year - 12 years)
Is there a better age than a toddler? Northwood has 2 toddler classrooms, one primarily for the younger ones and one getting ready for pre-school. We do circle time, reading, singing, arts and crafts and -basically- have a good time while we start to learn our alphabet, numbers and the ways of a 3 year old! we learn to use the bathroom (oh, no, not the potty!) and work closely with parents to accomplish this "terrifying task!"
Pre-Toddlers ( 1 year - 2 years)
Our infant room is a warm, caring environment for your child's first venture away from home. We are open 6:30 am - 6:00 pm, and like to offer flexible hours to help you and your child adjust to a new routine. We follow your child's schedule for sleep and nutrition, and then provide some music, play, reading, and yes even a little bit of art! Northwood encourages parents to spend as much time with their child at the center as they desire and we welcome frequent phone calls to check-in. When your child begins to walk, we will work with you on their "graduation" to the pre-toddler class room. 
Infants (6 weeks - 1 year)
PRESCHOOL( 3 year - 5 years)
Pre-toddlers enjoy a colorful classroom where they are introduced to more organized activities such as circle time, reading, sing-a-longs and arts and crafts. We are very flexible in our care for your child and maintain their eating and sleeping patterns that work best at home. Gradually, they become accustomed to napping after lunch around noon and help them prepare for toddler and pre-school experiences. Pre-toddlers like to spend lots of time outdoors in all seasons - we enjoy snow as well as water play! Morning and afternoon snacks are provided, but if you have special nutrition requirements, or just preferences, we are happy to accommodate your requests. Lunches, diapers and sheets come from home.
Ah, preschool! How delightful! Your child is getting ready for kindergarten. Northwood has 4 preschool classrooms and works closely with the Woodstock Public Schools for smooth transitions to kindergarten. We want to help your child grow and learn, but we also want them to have fun doing it! Our classrooms are designed to provide the structure your child will encounter when entering public school and provide the stimulation they need as a preschooler. Your child will experience circle time, reading, computer learning, music, drama play, math, puppets, and a little bit of - no - a whole lot of love! Northwood works closely  with the Woodstock Public Schools to ensure a smooth transition for your child's entrance into kindergarten.
Toddlers ( 2 year - 3 years)
* All of our classrooms adhere to Connecticut's guideline for teacher/child ratios so there is always at least one teacher for four children.
Northwood offers before and after school programs for parents who need to get or return from work later than their children's school schedules. We have programs at the Woodstock Elementary School and our center on Route 169. The elementary school is open 7:00 AM - 8:30 and 2:30 - 6:00 PM. Our Center is open 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM. Whatever is best for your child and schedule, we will accommodate.
Our before and after school programs offer structured activities, supervised homework, weekly themes, and sports activities. If you desire specific activities for your child, please let us know.