Our goal at Northwood Childcare Center is to provide each individual child with a strong sense of self worth, confidence in their abilities, school-readiness, and the ability to get along with their peers in a positive way. Our Center is filled with laughter, love and happiness.           
 Children at Northwood are exposed to many activities to meet the needs of the diverse population of children enrolled at the Center and in their community. All developmental, cultural and language differences are embraced at Northwood. Our Center has available to parents and staff, a written daily program which includes a flexible schedule.            
 Northwood Childcare Center’s Preschool Program consists of both free-choice time, as well as teacher-directed time. Indoor and outdoor activities, large motor time, quiet time, hands-on activities, cooking, health and nutrition, music and movement, and multi-cultural activities for the diverse population of children, are all emphasized.          
   Children are able to engage in many, fun, learning activities. These may include: science, math, both small and large motor skills activities, stringing beads, making and using play dough, building structures, constructing puzzles, and making nutritious snacks by doing supervised cooking activities. They can choose to participate in language activities, stories, cooperative play with their peers, or have quiet time.            
 The daily schedule is flexible to allow the teaching staff to use teachable moments. Teachable moments let the children’s interests guide, shape, and mold the preschool curriculum to better meet their needs. This makes it more enjoyable and provides a wonderful and exciting environment in which to thrive, learn and grow.            
 Our classrooms encompass many learning areas throughout the rooms. The teachers use the classroom spaces to set up and arrange (including but not limited to) a Dramatic Play Area, Science Center, Math Center, Writing Center, Quiet/Book Area, Circle Area, Blocks and Building Area, and an Art Center.           
  The children have opportunities to participate in dancing, singing, large motor games that include all children, throwing and catching balls and beanbags, plus color, letter and shape recognition games.             
Children involved in the School Age Programs have the opportunity to have a chance to relax and interact with their peers in a positive way, participate in team building games and activities, work on homework, read, draw, and most importantly, to have fun.          
 Northwood registration is open to children regardless of race, religion, or national origin. 

 Northwood is licensed by the State of Connecticut.