Northwood has an open enrollment policy - we are open 52 weeks and you can enroll at anytime. Our enrollment forms can be emailed to you
 (, mailed, or you can stop by to pick them up. We encourage parents to "drop in" to see the center as your child will see it everyday. If you would like, we would also be happy to make an appointment to accommodate your working schedule. Our enrollment forms include: family and contact information (we will not release your child to anyone without your approval and a photo ID); child information; and immunization records. Most doctors' offices will fax us this form for you. If your child is in the Woodstock Public Schools, our nurse can get copies for you from them.

Our tuition schedule is available by contacting us   ( Although not required, we encourage monthly payments that offer approximately 2 weeks of free care each year.  *Sibling discounts are also available.